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be oak NS ae ne pry at ie

ite, Ath


‘The Auk

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology




The American Ornithologists’ Union


INI = No ORK ES. Hos 2 hr 1896




PAGE IN MEMORIAM: GEORGE NEWBOLD LAWRENCE. By D. G. Elliot, F. it. S. 2. (Frontispiece: ). : 3 s : 2 : : THE STANDING oF Ardetta neoxena. By Frank M. Chapman. (CelatesIs) ys ; : : : é : : : : F : “TL AN ImMpoRTANT FACTOR IN THE STUDY OF WESTERN BIRD-LIFE. By Carl F. Baker. . : : : ; : ; 5 THE PINE GROSBEAK IN CaprTiviry. By O. W. Knight. . : 5 DescRIPTIONS OF AN APPARENTLY NEW SPECIES AND SUBSPECIES OF PTARMIGAN FROM THE ALEUTIAN ISLANDS. By D. G. Elliot, Its Sito Si JBq (Penne WI.) : : : SONGS OF THE WESTERN MEADOWLARK. By L. Belding. : > 2) A NEW SUBSPECIES OF THE GENUS Dryobates. By A. W. Anthony. 3 DESCRIPTION OF A NEW JAY FROM Mexico. By Gerrit S. Miller, 31 Jt 3

NESTING Hasirs oF Phatnopepla nitens IN CALIFORNIA. By Flor-

ence A. Merriam. : : : 2 : : ; : ees DESCRIPTIONS OF A NEW WARBLER AND A NEW SONG SPARROW.

By William Brewster. . : : 2 : : : : - 44 THE TERNS OF MUSKEGET ISLAND, MASSACHUSETTS. PART II.


Union. By John 1. Sage. : ; : : : E ; 55


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Contents of Volume XTTIT.


Do Young Loons eat Fresh-water Clams? 77; ‘Gull Dick’ Again, 78;


an Pie

An Early Description ot Puaiactocnran dilophus, 78; Another Harlequin Duck Record for Long Island, 78; Olor buccina- tor in Western Minnesota, 78; White-faced Glee Ibis Breed- ing in Minnesota, 79; Ardetta neoxena from Wisconsin, 79; The King Rail Again in Maine, 79; Baird’s Sandpiper in Maine, S80; The 1895 Migration ot Charadrius dominicus in Massachusetts, 80; Habits of the Valley Partridge, $81; Additional Records of the Passenger Pigeon (&ctopzsfes migratortus) in Wisconsin and Illinois, 81; The Golden Eagle in New Jersey, 81; The Golden Eagle in Marne 82; A New Long Island, N. cg Record for the Red-bellied W oodpecker, 82; The Deltoid Muscle in the Swifts, 82; The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Virginia and Maryland, 83; The Raven in Illinois, 83; The Ipswich Spar- row,— A Correction, 84; Second Occurrence of the Lark Spar- row in Virginia, 84; The Cape May Warbler (Dendroica tigrina) in the Maritime Portions of South Carolina, 84; The Carolina Wren in Connecticut, 84; The Red-breasted Nuthatch (S7/¢a canadensis) on Long Island, South Carolina, 84; The Dwarf Thrush in Colorada, $85; Food of Woodpeck- ers and Flycatchers, 85; Rare Visitors to the Connecticut River : Valley in Massachusetts in 1895, 86; A correction, 86; Notes on Long Island Birds, 87; Nantucket Island Notes, 88; Giatke’s Birds of Heligoland, 89.


The Soaring ot Birds and Currents of Air, 92.


Obituary, Thomas Henry Huxley, 93; Henry Seebohm, 96; Henry T. Wharton, 97; Ornithological Lectures at Columbia College, 97; Kent Ornithological Club, 98; Protection of North American Birds, 98.


THE FLORIDA GRouND Ow t (Sfcotyto foridana). By Weliiam Palmer. (Plate II.) . y ? 3 : ; :

TAXONOMIC VALUE OF THE TONGUE IN Birbs. By Frederic A. Lucas. : i



Florence A. Merriam , : LAW WHICH UNDERLIES Proree TIVE CoLor ATION. By Abbott Hl. Thayer. :



Contents of Volume XTTIT. Vv




AN APPARENTLY New Chordeiles FROM “Cost a Rica, By George Kk. Cherrte. 5 : = et : : : . 5 UNS GATKE’S ‘HELIGOLAND. By j. A. Allen. . : : 5 : 2137



Mex Birds’ ot ‘The Royal Natural History,’ 156; Saunders and Sal- vin’s ‘Catalogue of the Gavie and Tubinares,’ 160; Salvadori’s Catalogue of the Chenomorphe, Crypturi, and Ratite, 162; Chapman on Changes of Plumage in the Dunlin and Sanderling, 164; Chapman on the Plumage ‘of the Snowflake, 165; Allen on Alleged Changes of Color in the Feathers of Birds without Moulting, 166; The Mockingbird and Yucca alotfolia, 167; Loomis on California Water Birds, 168; Publications Received, 169.


Brtinnich’s Murre at Cape Charles, Virginia, 171; The Parasitic Jaeger near Cleveland, Ohio, 171; Pufinus tenutrostris oft San Diego, California, 171; The Skull of the Young Cormorant, 172; Clangula hyemalis at San Diego, California, 172; Occurrence of the Great White Heron at Escondido, California, 172; Note on the Flexor hallucts brevis in the Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax nevius), 172; Porzana noveboracensis near Ottawa, Canada, 172: Crymophilus fulicarius in Maine, 173; Crex crex in Maine, 173; Baird’s Sandpiper in Michi- gan, 174; Western Sandpiper (/reunetes occidentalis) more abun- dant than the Semipalmated (2. puszllus), 174; Woodpeckers’ Tongues —a Plea for Aid, 174; Péntcola enucleator in West- chester County, N. Y., 175; The Pine Grosbeak at Poughkeepsie, ING Ney aly 8 Ab he Pine Grosbeak (P. enucleator) in New Jersey, 175; Abnormal Plumage of a Pine Grosbeak, 176; The American Crossbill at Sea, 176; Harris’s Sparrow aa Spring Dress in Autumn, 176; A Brown Thrasher (Harporhynchus rufus) in Massachusetts in winter, 176; A few Notes from Maine, 177; Three Winter, Notes from Longwood, Mass., 178; Bird Notes trom Erie County, New York, 178; Virginia Notes, 179; On Birds reported as rare in Cook County, IIl., 179; Additions to the Avi- fauna of Tennessee, 181; Sundry Notes, 182.


Some Questions of Nomenclature, 183; A Question of Nomenclature, 190; ‘Ord’s Zoology’ Again, 192; Chen hyperborea and C. nivalis,


vi Contents of Volume XIII.


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Tue Ducks of. PrymoutH Country, MAssAcHusETTS. By Her- bert K. Job. ; : ; : ; : : 5 BELO

Joun Assor’s DRAWINGS OF THE BIRDS OF GEORGIA. By Walter : Faxon. : ; 3 : : ; : : : : ; = 204


THE a eae D SHEARW) ATER (Paginas apisthonelas). By A. Anthony. . Bye)

sees ENT OBSERVATIONS ON Pinon us beer Zontcus IN Marne. By Arthur H. Norton. , : 4 229

Some NoTES ON THE PASSENGER PIGEON (Ectopistes mLovatoreus ) IN CONFINEMENT. By /uthven Deane. : ¢ - 234 Nores ON THE BirvDs OF BERMUDA. By D. Webster Prentiss. 5 DAG


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Contents of Volume NTTI. Vii

cester, Mass., 259; Evening Grosbeak in Southern Wisconsin, 259; Zonotrichia albicoll’s and Mniotilta varia at Pasadena, Cal, 260; The Wintering of the ‘Towhee at Longwood, Mass., 260; The Nonpariel at Longwood, Massachusetts, 261; Peculiar Traits of some Scarlet Tanagers, 261; The Occurrence in Nebraska of Vvreo flavoviridis, 263 ; ; Helminthophila rubricapilla vs. Helmin- thophila ruficapilla, 263; Bachman’s Warbler (//e/minthophila bachmanz) in Greene County, Arkansas, 264; Second Occurrence of the Blue-gray Gnateatcher in Maine, 264; Southern California 3ird Notes, 265; Merrem’s Work, 265; Mandt’s Inaugural Disser- tation, 266; Correction, 266.


Obituary, Dr. Juan Gundlach, aera Clarence A. Sa 267; The Palm Beach Museum, 268 ; * The Osprey, 268; The Nidologist,’ 268; U.S. Biological Surv ey, 206; Elliot's African- Ex xpedition, 268; Zodlogical Nomenclature, 269.


VANIA. By /e. 7. Young. : 4 ; : 1 278 FEEDING IIABITS OF THE ENGLISH SP nRow! AND Crow. By Sy/ves-

ter D. Judd. : ; : i P : . ; : 205 SUMMER Birps OF NORTHERN ELK County, PA. By Werlliam L.

Bailey. A . : F ; : ! ; ; : . 289 SuMMER BIRDS (Jury igs ee 13, 1894) OF THE RHINE. By

Ralph Hoffmann. ¥ 5 ¥ : : : ; 5 207 THE CORMORANT ROOKERIES OF THE LOFOTEN ISLANDS. By /?.



CoLoRATION. By: Abbott H. Thayer. . , : F ; SS)

EVIDENCE SUGGESTIVE OF THE OCCURRENCE OF ‘INDIVIDUAL Dr- CHROMATISM’ IN Megascops asto. By Arthur P. Chadbourne, M.D. : : : - : : : : ; é : 6)


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vill Contents of Volume NTTI.

Seychelles and other Islands, 331; Robinson’s Birds of Margarita, 332; Cherrie on San Domingo Birds, 333 ; Warren’s Taxidermy’ and Bird-Laws, 334; Ridgway and Lucas on a New Family of Birds, 334; Montgomery on Migration as a Check upon Geograph- ical Variation, 335; Contributions to Economic Ornithology, 335; Publications Received, 338.


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Obituary, Lord Lilford, 348; Eugene Carleton Thurber, 349; Dr. G. Brown Goode, 349; Bird Day in Schools, 349; Museum of Nat- ural History at Providence, 350; ‘The Osprey,’ 350; ‘Das Tier- reich, 350; New Ornithological Publications, 351.

INDEX > 35 ERRATA . 366 Title Page and Contents i-viii

Officers and Committees of the A. O. U. ; , ; ix

Members of the A. O. U. x


Frontispiece, George Newbold Lawrence. I. Ardetta neoxena Cory. Il. Florida Burrowing Owl. Il]. Evermann’s Ptarmigan (Lagopus evermannt). Vi

V. Breeding Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo).



Expiration of Term,

BRAWSEERLONVEEIEUAIM) VOVESELERE cise cjeics die Isle felt ore suc ciete November, A Oe ART ; ;

ee es ee: \ Vice-Presidents, .. 0-220 a


SYNGE Osu; Ish SGentie bo acossaoeupo dud osa sro ocosoe



ALLEN, J. A....-. Ser otealls oa ay Saree ate shalslaua ele aie sie he duatele a ate November, BATCHELDER, C. (Hain, are coeravietonch-yanenicieteis tay acevaiie ouereietel siete tetene BEND TREE @EDAIRIU ES UEyaceicvenicis slew tise eis avels Send eieresw aha'e enki GEAR IMITAIN OLURUAINIS, Mls) aire: o20 lars 'etallseisie ots aieis) toayereteleeiebete.e ac 6s COURS MELO Pe Ase caeie nr otene ates roroie cieitie.ainicleraeresie Beles <li [Bienes ID(Gob oad Seas once or Peretataielats o¥eyauelanstaxcicicrs esters ra onets 6 UT SET ES NC fhnepenedet were pclen efetiate casera: stella) S/ereocl-o4e"s asl wie atefatanaions ie ve


ANUIEDIN |[o Akar JAH) 7o 000 306 Sa50 baOCUD BUoOuacGuN daonc November.

CHAPMAN, FRANK M., Associate Edittor.....-+scerecsece ce

COMMITTEES. Committee on Publications.


Committee of Arrangements for the Meeting of 1896.


1896. 1896.

1896. 1896.

1896. 1896. 1896. 1896. 1896. 1896. 1896.

1896. 1896.

SaGe, Jonn H., Secretary. CHAMBERLAIN, MONTAGUE.

PurpDI£, Henry A.

se Active Members.



[Omission of date indicates a Founder.]

Date of Election. Acpricu, Hon. CHARLES, Boone, Lowa... +++ sees teee cece cece cece ees a ALLEN, Dr. J. A., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York City..-.-..--..-. Antuony, A. W., 1052 12th St., San Diego, Cala.......-......... 1895 Barrows, Prof. W. B., Agricultural College, Ingham Co., Mich..-.1883 BATCHELDER, CHARLES FosTER, Cambridge, Mass.....-.---++.--+-- BRLDING doy MAN VOtOcktom, \Gallate > ale steletele lente ielneleteleheteleltateiietetetateyeetete 1883 BenpDIRE, Maj. CHARLES E., U. S. A., Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. Co... ee eee eee cece cece ee ee cence tee e eens == BICKNELL, EUGENE P., P. O. Box 2958, New York City......-....... Ss *BREWSTER, WILLIAM, Cambridge, Mass..........---------.----. = Brown, NATHAN CLiFFoRD, 85 Vaughan St., Portland, Me......... BRYANT, WALTER ne 1352 Franklin St., Oakland, Cala............. 1888 CHADBOURNE, Dr. ARTHUR P., 225 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass..1889 CHAMBERLAIN, MontaGuE, Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass.... CHAPMAN, FRANK M., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York City...... 1888

Cooke, Prof. W. W., State Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colo. 1884 * Cory, CHARLES B., Boston, Mass.....-- rivela acts wiallcye fesetoteveneyeee ay Feueraatoaye _ *Cougs, Dr. ELLiorr, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C...

Deane, RuUTHVEN, 61 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.........----..... 1883 DurcHeER, WILLIAM, 525 Manhattan Ave., New York City.......... 1886 Dwieur, Dr. JoNATHAN, Jr., 2 East 34th St., New York City......... 1886 Extiot, DanieL G., Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, Ill........ FisHer, Dr. ALBERT K., Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.... Foster, LyMan S., 35 Pine Street, New York City...--......--..... 1888 Gitt, Prof. THeopore N., Smithsonian Institution, Washington,

DAN Conse ee ees Gao OO GOOd OT OOO ISS COCO TOD 1883 GRINNELL, Dr. GeorGe Birp, ‘Forest and Stream’ Office, New York

City..c secre cece neee cece cece cone cnans tena cees ccs sees verece 1883 Hensuaw, Henry W., Bureau of Ethnology, Washington, D. C....1883 Lanopon, Dr. F. W., 65 West 7th St., Cincinnati, O..---.+--..+.-.. 1887 LAWRENCE, NEWBOLD T., 51 Liberty St., New York City.......... 1883

1 Members of the Union and Subscribers to ‘The Auk’ are requested to promptly notify the publisher of ‘he Auk’ of any change of address. * Life Member.

Honorary Members. xi

Loomis, Leverett M., California, Acad. Sci., San Francisco, Cala. - 1892

Lucas, Freperic A., U. S. Nat. Mus., Washington, D.C............ 1892 MCIEW RATES elITOMAS.» Ela tmilcombs .OmbAanOls sis c.ereis <i5.0 ave sm 0b \e,¢.0fe'e oxeg —_ Mearns, Dr. EpGar A., U. S. A., Fort Myer, Va., via Washington,

La Grereterretee iors chec eon terstareres situate cima a cist cmietd ou siersienais slas'o ads salt MERRIAM, Dr. C. Hart, Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C... ‘MERRIE Ore AMES ©... U.S An. Fort Sherman, Idaho......-..-- 1883 NEHRLING, H., Public Museum, Milwaukee, Wis............ccecces 1883 Nenson, E: We, Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D. C...-.-..... 1883 Purnig, HeENry A., Room 36, State House Extension, Boston, Mass. RipGway, ROBERT, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.... Roserts, Dr. THoMaAs S., 1015 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, Minn. . - 1883 *SAGE, JOHN H., Portland, Conn Baiats apaseraiel teNerene seid) etavaiete etevel ovescrmatavercie 1883 SAUNDERS, WILLIAM E., 188 Dundas St., London, Ontario........... 1883 *SENNETT, GeorGE B., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York City........ 1883 SHUFELDT, Dr. RoBert W., U. S. A., Smithsonian Institution,

Wasininetoms IDs scdas cotndécobobs toocdncboaseaous Hoodbr SreJNEGER, Dr. LEONHARD, Smithsonian Institution, Washington,

HUD) a Geiecescho vat ovcl cise cole) sp eVareuetatalishe) etre. slerave to’ erec crete Guest orele Sierclereicrs.ele) clatere 1884 SronE, WITMER, Acad. Nat. sci, bhiladelp bias Pay ccc ela 2+ 1892 *TRUMBULL, GURDON, 970 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn............ 1888 MIM NDA NING OTTO Old) Orchards NOs -1eaiele «5 eis) cclaeieie aiciela cre svar eel sete 1884


‘BERLEPSCH, Count Hans von, Miinden, Germany............++.: 1890 BLANFoRD, Dr. WILLIAM T., 72 Bedford Gardens, Kensington, W.,

London, England............ otandsqnociatasaadoc 7, ska ae 1895 Bocace, Prof. J. V. BARBozA Du, Royal Museum, Lisbon........... 1883 CaBANIs, Prof. Dr. JEAN, Alte Jacobsstrasse, 103 a, Berlin........... 1883 Dresser, Henry EeExLes, Vopclyffe Grange, Farnborough, Becken-

Inver, INE, [inkllanClooco ommodasccs coud Seba pooNHGcadonoLE oC 1883 BinscH Dr Onto, Delminhonrst., neas Be Gemeia se <ncs oe «leis o clejeye's +) -\< 1883 GADKE. HEINRICH. sheloolangd ; wilawlsre meni relalstercts| «1-lelel(ofa) «11 ofa \-1<)s\e1s sia0is 1884 GrieLioL1, Dr. HENry HILtyeEr, Director Royal Zodlogical Museum,

PTO TSMC Siar aves Stevcisponsra: a -ehelat apnate atareltateh ctararsetenclatna aia var Atsy aveveren'e: Sten occve, 1883 GuNDLACH, Dr. JuAN, Institute de 2a Ensefianza, Havana, Cuba..... 1883 iSLARaMEWNGs, ID ie GWisuEQya JsineR el loOGoondonDoor Coco Do nao be anon cate 1883 Hume, ALLAN OcraviAN, The Chalet, Kingswood Road, Upper Nor-

Wool, emeoingtsadhoooshae nooedo bos po cose ce Kudo OoR Oars 1883 MILNE-EDWARDS, Prof. ALPHONSE, Rue Cuvier, 57, Paris........... 1883 Newton, Prof. ALFRED, Magdalene College, Cambridge, Eng....... 1883

* Life Member.

xii Corresponding Members.

ReicHeNnow, Dr. ANTON, K@6nigl. Mus. fiir Naturkunde, Invaliden

Str., 43, Berlin. --.eseceeeee eee ee eect ee eens avgigcate arctan ene 1891 SaLvapor!I, Prof. Count Tommaso, Zodl. Museum, Turin, Italy. ..1883 SALVIN, OsBert, Hawksfold, Fernhurst, Haslemere, England...... 1883 Saunpers, Howarpb, 7 Radnor Place, Hyde Park, London, W...... 1884 ScLaTer, Dr. Pumre Luriey, 3 Hanover Sq., London, W........- 1883 SHARPE, Dr. RICHARD BOWDLER, British Museum (Natural History),

Gromwell Road; ondomy 'S] Weenie cletertelsicteretstna tse eatadet felon 1883 WALLACE, Prof. ALFRED RUSSEL, Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset, England... -.-. cece cece rene renee ee cence eee tence ene enes 1883


ALFARO, ANASTASIO, Director National Museum, San José, Costa

RTC Apercyaie oie: exotic loses seyeekeccie tshelele he, eylelecens ieieteene note Gcteleceac ni tata ie ie tatchet amare 1888 Attum, Dr. C. A., Eberswalde, Germany....-.s00+0+0+--00- ahem’ spe OOH ANDERSON, Dr. JonHN, India Museum, Calcutta..............------- 1884. BiaAsius, Dr. RuDOLPH, Brunswick, Germany.....-------------.+6- 1884 Buiasius, Dr. WILHELM, Brunswick, Germany.---.------.---.--.-- 1884 BROOKS, W.- E-DWIN. Mount Honest. Ontario lemaleleieteiee eile eenteitetelare 1886 Butter, Sir WALTER Lawry, Wellington, New Zealand......... - 1883 Bureau, Dr. Louis, Ecole de Medicine, Nantes, France............ 1884. Bur.Ler, Lieut.-Col. E. A., Brettenham Park, Bildeston, Suffolk,

Sinai UTA Clin yeieyavajopsierose’etsrer e+ aleusisl elena y edete es ene teeta 1884 BUTTIKOFER, Dr. J., Leyden, Holland............-....---+++---00- 1886 CiarKeE, Wm. EAGLE, Science and Art Museum, Edinburgh....... 1889 Cotietr, Prof. RoBertr, Zodlogical Museum, Christiania, Norway.1883 Coorer, Dr. J. G., Haywards, California-............------------- 18S4 CorRDEAUX, JoHN, Great Cotes, Lincoln, England................. 1884 DALGLEISH, JOHN J., Brankston Grange, Bogside Station, Stirling,

SCOtland:«\cs ss 4s s.5,s0a.e) ood Baie) oar elehoeie olotraey eneis le tans Re ersieret Nem eteerote 1883 Davip, L’Abbé ARMAND, Rue de Sévres, 95, Paris..-------------.- 1883 DOLE SANRORD Bs Eonoliulus Elawaianelc soretciectsteiettetetcteiencletetersteinie 1888 DuBois, Dr. ALPHONSE, Museum Nat. History, Brussels.--..-....- 1884 DucGés, Prof. ALFREDO, Colegio del Estado, Guanajuato, Mexico....1884 Ecut, ADoLpH BACHOFEN VON, Nussdorf, near Vienna....---.---- 1883 HALO, Dir Vieror: (Geneva,, Switzerland lesretersmtereusmtrenterseherererarstteliet= 1884 FEILDEN, Lieut.-Col. H. W., West House, Wells, Norfolk, Eng...... 1884 FeRRARI-PEREZ, Prof. FERNANDO, Naturalist Mexican Geol. Expl.

Commission; Pueblos Mexicon-sesemereeerieet: bie etree 1885 FREKE, Percy Evans, Rosemount, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, Ireland..1883 FURBRINGER, Dr. Max, Jena, Germany....+....-+ceceesensnncctcces 1891 Gapow, Dr. Hans, Zodlogical Museum, Cambridge, England..... 1884 GIRTANNER, Dr. A; St: GallesSwitzerlandiemmemeieienieseiiieraris enter ts 1884.

Gopman, F. Du Caner, 10 Chandos Street, Cavendish Sq., London..1883

Corresponding Members. Xlli

Gopwin-AustTen, Lieut-Col. H. H., Shalford House, Guilford, Eng-

Lepr ee et reer erel asus aie a si teh leva tavaretelafelicevaverci evel Selec! ote sal steveiets 1884 GRANDIDIER, ALFRED, 6 Rond-Point des Champs Elysées, Paris....-1883 Gurney, JOHN Henry, Keswick Hall, Norwich, England.....--.--- 1883 HartTert, Ernst, Zoological Museum, Tring, England..--...-.-.-. 18g HaArTING, JAMES EpmMunD, Linnean Society, Burlington House, Pic-

cadilly, London......----.+seece cece cece cece sete cece sc eneees 1883 Harvisr-Brown, JoHn A., Dunipace House, Larbert, Stirlingshire,

Syaolanaeloginadocds Aioooooaoones FATED oan eee Cece tehenarstslenetele Slehare 1883 Hayex, Dr. GUSTAV VON, Vienna............++-+---- RS ensverals este 1884 EIENSON: EVARRIY View YOKODMAMIAS << os 5.0 016 chew = nice vicivic on «sie a ewiein sis oe 1888 iq. 1Dits 1am, Wiieinitioccoon cocoon obo0dco0c0n5 dnodob<ecag 760 no00 1884 KNUDSON, VALDEMAR, Kauai, Hawaiian Ids.........-.----2+eeeeees 1888 KRUKENBERG, Dr. E. F. W., Wiirzburg, Germany...-.......-+-22-++- 1884 Krier, Dr. THEOBALD J., University Museum, Athens, Greece...-- 1884 Layarp, E. L., Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire, England...-...--- 1884 LEGGE, WILLIAM V., Cullenswood House, St. Mary’s, Tasmania..--1891 LEVERKUHN, PAUL, Sophia, Bulgaria..... 22-6 +22 eee ee ee ee eee eee 1890 LytrrLeton, Tuomas, Lord Litrorp, Lilford Hall, Oundle, England. 1889 MacFarLane, ROBERT, Winnipeg, Manitoba......-...+.-.--++--0+- 1886 MaparAsz, Dr. Juttus von, National Museum, Budapest, Hungary. 1884 MALMGREN, Dr. A. J., University, Helsingfors, Finland..........--. 1884 Menzsier, Dr. M., Imperial Society of Naturalists, Moscow.....-- 1884 Meyer, Dr. A. B., Director of the Royal Zool. Museum, Dresden...- 1884 Mojsisovics, Dr. A. VON, Gratz, Austria......+ssees ee ee eee e cece 1884 INpAnTIBaES IMIs4 WC. agno0c6 ood ERT Pe Pats niie cee kapcuatavererenors ters: =, sieusiavaysuaters 1886 NICHOLSON, FRANCIS, Oakfield, Ashley Road, Altrincham, England.1884 OaTEs, EUGENE WILLIAM, Mandalay, Burma......----+-+++-+2+ eee: 1884 OusTALetT, Dr. Emite, Jardin des Plantes, 55 Rue de Buffon, Paris.1888 Patmén, Prof. J. A., Helsingfors, Finland.......-------++++++---- 1883 Puitiprr, Dr. R. A., Santiago, Chili..... PE oe Ua PMN roles orci oho Stores ie 1884 Rapper, Dr. GusTAv FERDINAND, Tiflis, Russia....-.----++++++--- 1884 Ramsey, E. P., Sydney, New South Wales...---+---+-+++-++eeeeee-- 1884 RINGER, FREDERIC, Nagasaki, Japan......--.. eR IE ORE Fiaretoe -- 1888 ScHALow, Dr. HERMAN, 105 Rathenowerstrasse, Berlin...--..------- 1884 Se._ys-Loncscnuamps, Baron EpMoND Dk, Liége, Belgium........-- 1884 SHELLEY, Capt. G. E., 10 Thurloe Square, London, S. W....-.-.---- 1884 THEEL, Dr. HJALMAR, University of Upsala, Upsala, Sweden.......- 1884 TrisTRAM, Rev. Canon H. B., The College, Durham, England...... 1884 Tscuus! zU SCHMIDHOFFEN, Count Vicror RITTER VON, Hallein,

(Villa Hainnenhof), Salzburg, Austria. ..-....2---.ee eee eee ees 1884 WATERHOUSE, F. H., 3 Hanover Square, London, W........------- 1889

ZELEDON, Don Josk& C., San José, Costa Rica..... Ul one cron leleieias 1884

Xiv Associate Members.



ADAMS, STEPHEN J., Cornish, Me€.--.--. eee ee cece eee cece ee ee cece ns 1892 ADNEY, E. T., Flushing, N.Y. s.0 02000 222 oe co eeecee oro cores ne 1885 ALLEN, CHARLES ANDREw, Nicasio, Mn Con Calatinece scree aces 1894 ALLEN, Francis H., West Roxbury, Mass......---..-...-.0.2.e00- 1888 ALLEN, WILLIAM Go t Edward St., Worcester, Masse. +- le 1893 Ames, J. H., 85 Bay St., Toronto, Can.ererceseseeeseseseeveeeee 1895 ARCHER, W. C., 45 Chamber St., N. Y.------ 0202 eee+ ee eeeeeencenes 1888 ARNOLD, EDWARD, 126 Van Buren St., Battle Creek, Mich......... 1894 ATHERTON, FRANK Irvine, P. O. Box 60, Los Gatos, Cala...-.... 1894 ATKINS, JOHN W., Key West, Florida.......+-...---+...++-2------- 1887 ATKINSON, GEORGE EpGAR, 81 Borden St., Toronto, Can........- 1894 ING NINA aly der wey Vavahwohapiol, Wer eiSaouoaag oso oootodewoaQOUeaOD 1891 AVeRIEE, C.1K,, ij Bridgeport, (Comin -tlr-mrttr eee err gamoocr 1885 INGcits IDE IDA ileEM a olor (Clonkcakeron IWNcooehodub ossodonsesnoseodous 1889 BABBIT DT, JAMES 22, Manito, Wasser rete) <tm op ctetetellatetelstetetst-tal-ts aleletalcte liens 1891 Bacon; (CARRINGTON Cy, Imboden; AuwjkamSaismcterm srl iie ste eee eieiete 1890 BACON, SAMUEL D-, Jr., 2d National) Barmy Himes Wael eter) -)el-tkele telat 1SgQI BAGG, EGBERT, Tot) Gemesee ssita, Witla Nine \erereteled-eleteteltethetentetetercr siete 1883 BAL, \GARLETRON Rios leittle: Riock,, lowalesceneiaceeicinn eater cients 1891 BALL, Miss HELEN AuGusTA, Worcester, Mass...-- TP See DA aee 1893 BAILEY. VERNON, lk River, Ivlimiti. ales st \crcleleleneietstatelateleteiatetee terete 1887 BAIDYe CHARTES) E., NMaldem, Wiaissi-c/.c1. asus aioe rcisielerene ereieteneyiere inte 1890 BAtLY, WiLEran I., 421 Chestnut ot, ehiladeliplaiassbaetermterrletcrr 1885 BAKER, CART JFs;) Hort: ‘Collimss (Colosee + ache iearecieieeenie teemeerseiee 1893 Baker, FRANK COLLins, Acad. Sci., Lincoln Park, Chicago, Ill...... 1894 BancGs, EDWARD APPLETON, 22 Penn Sq., Boston, Mass....... 1884 BANGS, OurTrrRAM, 240 Beacon St:, Boston, Mass.......... eistelavarepatente 1884 BANKS, JAMES W., St: Jolam),. IN. Bi icrevjrs cts ciareine eternal etek eter rere 1887 BarBour, Prof. Erwin H., Univ. of Neb., Lincoln, Nebraska....... 1892 BAREOW,, CHESTER. Santa: Claras (Galaeem-stek een cera ereceeeer 1894 BARNARD, JoB, 500 Sth St., N. W., Washington, D. C.............. 1886 BARNDS:.Hon:/R: M:, Icacon, dilliccet eee eee eee ee eee nt 1889 BARNEY, EVERETT Hey Spring fields Niasseee etettteke ete rte elite 1891 BASKETT, JAMES New ron MexiOi, Nie@iertereisuaisteneteteneraione ererereieteleie ree erate 1892 BASSETT, HENRY FRANKLAND, Tauntomy Meise gee eee re bisieeiceriol «1895 Bates, ABBY FRANCES CALDWELL, Waterville, Maine............. 1S94 Baur, Dr. G:, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, Uilsemsccsislm- me = erate piolaoide 1892 BaxTeR, GEORGE STRONG, Jr., 109 E. 17th St., New York City..... 1894 Bea, F. E. L., 1633 19th St., N- W., Washimetoms i). Gor. cincels os 1887 BEAN, J. Berurie Lp, Nicollet, Minnie, seeemeeneir eres eer 1892 BEARD, Daniet C., 110 Fifth Ave., New York Gity..-..>.......... 1887 Beck, Rotto Howarp, Berryessa, Santa Clara Co., Cala........... 1894 Beers, Henry W., Bridgeport, (Contny-me gee aise niee oe) tee 1895

Associate Members. XV

BEuR EDWARD IA, 420 denny, ot, Brooklyn, N.. Y-. +5). /eislswes soc 1892 BEbEOWs, (De 120th 4i oot. Fensey City, Ne Ja<s-cjesencasicssccce 1889 BENNER, FRANKLIN, 110 2d St., N. Minneapolis, Minn............. 1883 BENNERS,| GEO. be l22) Walnut ot. me ailadelpliia, bate 0. «s\cclsees «20s 1889 BENT PAR EHURN CURVE ANDS, “EMammtOts IWaASSicic ieee cit vice s0 els\s eels w cin 1889 BERGIOED, Or. We H.,3213 (Champa ot:, Denver, Colo... -. 1.0... .. 1889 Poonnie ase ee venrete RIGSe WOU AN. I. dels <'clorels’ais/a)o.c'aeiojereiers css s'='5 «'e 1885 iii (CRUNRILDSS Sjomlines ellos IN BIS soocncoc ooton pono dono onoooooe 1889 BIRCHFIELD, Dr. CHARLES EDWARD, St. Joseph, Mich....-......-.. 1895 BisHop, Dr. Louis B., 77 Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn........ 1885 BLACKWELDER, EL1oT, Morgan Park, Cook Co., Ill............... 1895 BOARDMAN GMORGE. Acs Calaiss IVicuime ers siaals olerclcttisiclsleleleieis iolelaisiole(s) cle 1883 IEGnDS. Jy elon O18 tnleoil Mie Negonoocosoactn nen conc HDdeuconoe anpoecerd 1890 BonpD, PRANK, Cheyenne, Wyoming-.--.....00-.62-secs ence sacs 1887 yoni; JENS Ig diilemiclem, lien icnepoodoeoD adoro DO AtoUbOo SM ABOOo OE 1890 BOWERS JGIONEE He Columbia leancaster COs, ha cialacloe ciorse ss « c siche 1894 Bow Les, JOHN Hooper, Ponkapog, Mass...--...-----+++ecceceseees 18gI BRACKET @ HOSDER I) bOXs 21455 "BOSCO, INIASS us -re1e-'s s/ayeye o'clals) «1-12 1895 BRAD RORID] NIOSH SH En en GONCOnGH IMlaS'Siccis oie <ovaleteleleve atone ies cee ete 1889 BRAIsLIN, Dr. WILLIAM C., 217 St. James Place, Brooklyn, N. Y....1894 BRAND REE LRA NISUUNG | SIMONI New Yiasiel «(a lejelsl(s/e\cicle elelaiclas ele «cre oleic 1889 BREWSEERS Hehe iron Mountains Mirehiecre <- 1c clee 6 = Ey Lae ers 1893 BRIMLEY, CLEMENT Sos lRileitedas Ip (Ch cobedododdecos deta ncoceerocr 1888 BROCK HENRY ERBERT. MegD.. Portland: Messi... ssa.eccaccs sce 1894 SROKA lata WWaig « Gabratitels alincl Sexes arernieece) vetelerciate ere a0 excrersiatave.cls clo.cte oe 1893 Brooks, EARLE A., Morgantown, Upshur Co., W. Va..........-.-. 1892 BROWN Nae Epes tomers Vian aotefelatere/ fatale 2) alot siel clciele oie, </sic/cire otele se 1891 Brown, Epwarp J., 820 20th St., N. W., Washington, D. C........ 18g1 BROWN ERE RBE Rael CSO lm At Z OIA etetele) oka a airalafclsra'e}eial ol n's/e)e) 1c clelera tel 1885 BROWNE HUBERT E 22) Collier St ahoronto. (Omarion sac 212 asics 1889 BrRowN, JOHN CLIFFORD, 28 W. 37th St., New York City........... 1888 BIROMEsIg VVUEMOAD ANY ay Miton Somos. IVES So56 dubs agoaneacoooce deme 18g2 BROWNE, FRANCIS CHARLES, Framingham, Mass..................- 1883 BRUCE MAIS Ye HNTLENaE Sth aim Ptolemy MLAS Setetettoha.«\clcleliessie ain <lsterevere aye e 1894 BrYAN, WILLIAM ALANSON, State College, Ames, Iowa........... 1894 BRANES ORN Avs, 022 Oliver Stn niansass City eNO, al 4) oe «fete < - 1893 BRYANT (DRS Wits SAWYER, (Coliasset, Miassis.- cs selec sc cece + cise les 1893 BUNEER, ULYSSE, 129, E. 76th St:, New York (City. 0. soc. cases ae 1894 BULEEY. UREGINAT Db: Hie Cantomns lito scams sce ve careless cles ice s 1889 BuRNERAe WilbmbAn IG. ‘hort. Collims., (Coloemecccter cciccicic ose caress 1895 BURNS WuRAN Kaloo) Berwyt, Ghesters Gorn babetejetsieralcls slelelo/<sate) «)srsie) +) «1s 1891 BURTOHMUVIERD ECM, X All, Nien Niccrete: cstetepetetelsteieal tela ays erares ois syerete ores 1895 BURLON, piier Gx, 220. OUD. SE. New. ORC Mbyjcre cee gene oie cls ls a'c'o.s 1893 BUREER SeAMOSIIW op DrOOK villes Mri acre a cpciecatenel «lake cys) cvareel s.ctsicicls Aeic as 1885 BuxBaum, Mrs. CLarA E., Lexington Hotel, Chicago, Ill......... 1895 (GAIL, VATIONS IARIIOGINS Isiah ING TelodotGnoe coded deatoboaudr 1894

CAMPBELL s NOBPRM ARG Vlg .0 D OUlGEty) | COLO rei iele ele cle 21st eet 01 1894

xvi Assoctate Members.

CANFIELD, J. B., 329 Iraniston Ave., Bridgeport, Conn...........- 1893 CARPENTER, CHARLES Knapp, Ann Arbor, Mich...........ss0+es: 1894 CARRUTH, CHARLES THEODORE, 4 Fayerweather St., Cambridge,

INE AUS'S 0 Sos c revere el) oie) wi Gis) a (= cranei'e wletere ohejera ctelovienerate eiekeus clevereveraaotoher aeietete 1891 Cary, CLINTON DE LA MonTalrcGne, 181 W. 135th St., New York

Giiiiadosmosdiau se boodn doscdndojanododdS dascqaased {8005086 1894 CASE, CLiprorD) M., 54 Babcock St., Hantfords Womm.i- ses sete stele 1892 CASE RALPH ERNEST. Avon Comics cei cieentisiiceieeteenetr 1894 CAaunkK. WimB, ere Hautes indiscretion weenie ener apeetee 1891 CHAMBERLAIN, CHauNcy W., 51 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass......... 1885 CHAMBERLAIN, ERNEST, Jubilee, Peoria Co., Ill..... SUS ARS i EPO ES 1893 CuAsE, VirGINIUS He, Wady Petra, Lie. scene hese ree eres 1892 CuHERRIE, GeorGE K., Field Columbian Museum, (Cloitenieroy MISSA Seo 1891 CHUBE, SAMUEL, H., 110 W. 12jth St., New Yorke Givi... > 1894 CuurcH, Miss Harriet Dupiey, Bourne, Mass.........-..«..---- 1895 Crark, Huspert Lyman, 906 McCulloh St., Baltimore, Md........ 1886 CLARK, JOHN N., Saybrook, (Conti >:.ccj saneineieclee en eeae eee 1885 Ciark, Jostan H., Paterson, Nas win% hierar cepa eines Ma dee 1895 CrarkE. Prof. S> \F), Williamstownes Wassy-ceuesen eee eee eee 1890 CLEARWATERS, Rev. JOHN FRED, Indianola, Ill............----+--- 1895 Coats, H. K., 136 Washington St., Chicago, Ill......... Sahat ee 1883 CorvBuRN, ALBERT ©. Mount Vernon NEG EEE eee rEere eee teee 1891 Cornurn, W..W.,; Springfield, ‘Mass. 2. = «ce.s- sees ce Tiehevoacieeahe wets 1889 Cott, WiLtraM C., 59 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass..--..--+-+..0 1892 Comps; Bertie LAwReNnce, Hot Springs, Ark... .-. 00: -ee-5ees =e 1895 Comeau, Napo.eon A., Godbout, P. 6 Eee arteries eh ae. 5 oP 1885 Convrr, Dayton Lorp; St. Anthony Park, Minm-2-ssee7sne star 1894 ConGpon, HERBERT WHEATON, 194 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.--1893 CONKLIN; CHARLES Ex, Roslyn, N, Y sss ss<c0: oc eoleses ohne sae 1892 ConkLIN, Dr. Witti1aM A., 10th Ave. cor. 187th St., New York City.1885 Cook, -Arrer@® Joan, Claremont, (Calas.c. ccc cigaeee eeeen rennin 1894 Cootey, Rosert C., rst Nat’l Bank Bldg., Springfield, Mass....... 1895 Copri ATBAN, Hartford, (Comnassscdee seawater eee eee 1885 Core, Francis R., Ju: Bhiladeliphiay Baacrcc- Sic be cia rehas Gin cee Big SemeRebore 1892 Corsetr, Hersert Epwin, Pipestone, Minn.......-.....+----6- 1894 Comes, Dro WILLIAM PrarRcr? Bostoms) Masceeaoceotetite aac anes 1888 Cox, Wryssrs. O,., Matikato;! Mass...00 a4e0 Seen aa eee ee 1894 Cram, R. J., 26 Hancock Ave., W. Detroit, Mich...-.....+.+.0+--+- 1893 CRANDALL, C. W., Woodside, @lucenisi@o re Nem ee tlea eli ie ent 18g Crone, JOHN’ V.,) Marathon, lowae see see see eee eee 1893 Cutyerr, Col. Joan Y., Room 150, Potter Building, New York City.18go Curriz, Rota P. 7oo T. St., N. W., Washington, D. C.........- 1895 CurRIER, EDMONDE: SAMUEL, Keokuk, Iowa..+---+eeceesceeess cess 1894 DAENZER, CARE, -Stiduouis: (Motes ccce cee ee eer near 1888 Darrin, W. H., 5000 Franklin St., Philadelip itary WP atajeayoteisdeleta)«-i-l-ers 1892 DaGGeETT, FRANK ©), Pasadena; 'Callisi.. uactremscrae ereeetoein racieusieeeen eects 1889 DaKIN, J. A., Syracuse, Ni VY eisece4 .2 oe eee eee a ae 1895

Assoctate Members. XVii

DANA aE eRONe lac hiawikon ©Ol Olr\eteiele cielais) series) l0/0) 4c \e/*\=/ (al aleieiael= 1889 DAnsBy, DURWARD E., Custer City, South Dak..........-.........- 1895 DANIEL, JOHN W., Jir., Lynchburg, Va...----.e22-seeccee sense ccese 1895 Davis, DENNIS BARNES, 816 Colfax St., Toledo, Ohio............. 1894 IDS, (Ginn JN MIS SIEO, IN, Wioossoemeos condecunoeouagpoon ooo Ge 1890 Davis, NaTHAN L., Brockport, .N. Y ..--.--+-+0+-- poop OUeIDeeas~ 1893 (Divison. wleockpork. Niagara Gaui No Yiieese secs cisieicies «28 «os 1885 DAWSON, WILLIAM Lion, Chelan, Wash.............-00++-20s-0%- 1895 Dean, R. H., Tennallyfown, Washington, D. C.....--.----+--- 00+: 1893 Dr Haven, Isaac Norris, Ardmore, Pa......--.eeeseseesece scenes 1893 DELAFIELD, JOSEPH L., 475 Fifth Ave., New York City......--..... 1888 DENNE, DAvip, 100 St. Francois Xavier St., Montreal, Can.......- 1890 DETWILLER, Dr. JNO. W., Bethlehem, Pa.-..--. -552.2+--2-% 1891 Dewey, Miss MARGARET, 168 Pearl St., Springfield, Mass........... 1892 DickINson, Epwin, West Springfield, Mass...-.....+-++++s++eeeeee 1885 DickINSON, JOSEPIOA., (Gresham, , NeDisss eccaigss0 sie senses ote oat 1894 DICKINSON, JOSEPH EDWARD, Rockford, Ill.-............-..+++.--- 1894 Dickinson, W.S., Tarpon Springs, Pla... ..5.0..6s00cene cenccncces 18g DILuie, FrReperIc M., 611 McPhee Bldg., Denver, Colo..... odaodact 1892 Dionne, C. E., Laval Univ., Quebec, Can. ..--....-.seeeeesseeeeee 1893 Drxon, FREDERIC J., Fairmont, N. J...-2--cecsceccceessccecccccnces ISgI DOERTENBACH, WILLIAM FAUTZ, 226 Main St., Pueblo. Colo...-... 1894 DouGHERTY, Capt. W. E., U. S. A., Hoopa Valley, Cala...-....... + 1890 DouGLass, Ber H., Burlington, Kansas -......-.-.-.2.2..s+--- os 1890 Drake, Lewis MARVIN, Blissfield, Mich...... PR ROI CONE see eee ee 1894 DURBEE OWPnN, PialliRiviers MlaSSuisers aicleis «\) terse ¢cisis p oss 010 ici se uate 1887 Dutcue_er, Dr. B. H., New York Hospital, New York City........-- 1886 DYVCHk weroty lp lil awhemcesmia nl Sas cheletcleyeaiciacislnielstle) celers\eio sloieisher 1886 Eames, Dr. Epwin H., Bridgeport, Conn. .......+.eseeeee sees eeees 1888 EASTMAN, Harry D., Framingham, Mass............-20ce-seeceees 1891 BVARONG PANT VeNrie Naren Gl DLO O key Neg blvactorarsrereefete rile ts evel olelel love el eis =inraie care 1890 BATON. Wea El, Catia ti atenia Ns NG o=p4gs)ele- mieiele cit lveleheus icles © vie =i ase) 1895 Eppy, NEWELL A., 615 North Grant St., Bay City, Mich..........-. 1885 EpGAR, NEWBOLD, 28 E. 39th St., New York City ..--.....--......- 1891 Epson, JoHN M., New Whatcom, Washington....---...-...--+----- 1886 EDWARDS, WILLIAM SEYMouR, Charleston, W. Va......-.--+-+e-. 1894 BEDON, CHARLES, E,,. Williamsport. bas snes se snainc sles oem a arin os 1891 ELrRop, Prof. M. J., Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, IIl..-... 1892 IBieMiasp (olor win VaNiS (Goes Syeokillizn, MlOodcocaoo dopguo mo oaoe 1892 Evans, Dr. Evan M., Englewood, N. J.-..-..+--.-ee- es eeeeee cence 18838 EVERMANN, Prof. BARTON W., U.S. Fish Comm., Washington, D.C. 1883 FANNIN, JOHN, Provincial Museum, Waic lon amin Garis tiie: cis sista nels 1888 FANNING, JED FRYE, Kingston, Mass.....----.-2..s-eeee sees eeeeee 1895 FARLEY, JoHN A., Newton, Mass..--......-222 2-222-222-0202 0e- Sfejfenshe) Sue 1892 Faxon, Dr. WALTER, Mus. Comp. Zo6él., Cambridge, Mass.......... 1891 FERGUSON, CHAvUINGEY. | CORBIN. wVLenrimlaGa NlaSSeisised<iriclane ¢ cfs. a)eie). «fe 1894

FERNALD, RoBERT Heywoop. 26 Cornell St., Cleveland, Ohio...... 1890

xvill Assoctate Members.

FerRY, JOHN FARWELL, Lake Forest, Lakes @ormllilevacrsccicraerete 1894 Ficcrns, Jesse Dane, Kensington, Md... +. eee sere e cece cece eee 1889 FISHER, WILLIAM H., 14 W. North Ave., Baltimore, Md.........-- 1895 FisHer, WILLIAM HuBBELL, 12 Wiggins Block, Cincinnati, Ohio....1883 FLANDERS, JAMES WALTER, Wwiikonoie lke. IN Slo Se andsboo ance boec 1894 FLEMING, JAMES H., Toronto, Can..---.--+--+++-eeccce eee - =e eee 1893 FLINT, HARRY W., Yale National Bank, New Haven, Conn........ 1888 FLINT, WILLIAM R., Oakland, Cala... --- 00-2 saecen ccs wee eer ene 1890 BLOOD. OLIVER. D:, Malden Miaissicq cic cis-tevsl-rsonereieilery eretete eietenenetarsices 1893 FLoyp, Harry Wess, 2 Verona Place, Brooklyn, N. Y........... 1892 EORBUSH, EDWARD: Els, eMiald ems MiaisSeatcie ete etemeretatet fet ene remit ieaetetetetats late 1887 Foster, Francis ApTHORP, Cambridge, Mass:.-.......---..-++--- 1893 POWLER, PREDERICK FlALE, Fort Wogan, Colojeee a eme cine cir 1892 Fow ter, Capt. J. L., 2d Cavalry U. S. A., Fort Logan, Colo....... 1892 Fox, Dr. WILLIAM H., 1826 Jefferson Place, Washington, D. C....--. 1883 ERANCIS, NATHANIEL AtTwoob, Brookline), Malsstyee rr cilsicleielreret 1893 Frost, ALBERT H., 255 W. 74th St., New York City..-....... Moree 1893 Fuertes, Louis AGAssiZ, Ithaca. N. Y. Leen eee cee eee cece eens 1891 BULLER, CHARLES) ANTHONY, Brooklimey Malssricmelse)-eirloleleeiietelolels 1894 Gage, DENIS, Gold Hill, Boulder Co., Colo.......... etaaie ee seeeee 1886 GARCELON. PREDERICK Av MON, /AUlbrgiaa Mile renetetto nals /etetloie terse eters tcianerers 1895 GARMAN, Prof. H., State College, Lexington, Ky-.---...°-..--.--.- 1893 GARNIER, RAaLpH LEE, 8 Stockton St., Los Angeles, Cala........... 1894 GAULT, BENJAMIN T., Glen Ellyn, DuPage (Co., Ill..--..----...... 1885 Gicsert, Prof. Cuartrs H., Stanford University, Cala...........-... 1892 GitrEen, ours, B.,)131 Bs 76th Sh. New sion Ciltyeretttiratetene tiers 18a5 GILMAN, ARTHUR ScoTT, 5 Waterhouse St., Cambridge, Mass...... 1895 GLeAson, Rev. HERBERT W., 728 E. 18th St., Minneapolis, Minn..1894 GoopDaLeE, Dr. JosepH LINCOLN, 3 Fairfield St., Boston, Mass....... 1885 COLMA) [Os Iase Wag IDiepnayisoyny (Miia, scssdunsoucds oschccsosbcagqsace 1889 GRANGER, WALTER W., Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., New York City....... 1891 (GRUNSAES lao gd sto 1a tbisloMi eek INNES God Sooo obs coggooacdLonoodOD ass coe 1890 GREEN, Morris M., 7o6 BE; Fayette St., Syracuse, N- Yee... ose 1886 GREENE) aCe, Pitch bre, Mass cies cr) -tievereteletetdetehe tenet tetoiereneteistoteteretstel tees 1891 GREGG) Di Wuorrmrane H., Port Chester, Ne yeaee eee eee eine 1883 GRINNELE, JOSEPH, Passadena.. Callas saci iaei eee reer ier 1894 Haun, Rev. Benjamin Daviese, 266 Union St., Springfield, Mass...1894 PLAT WS PEENRY, Rudge wood, INe i|ieristel otek Nettie eternal lee erertaetet 1890 Ean, JuDSON BAxmER, Wyndon Centre mvt tree eee reitaeter 1894 EPAMBEL DD, “Ai:,-Ottaiwal;: Dllllc.%.% 12 lo leye sae teeter etene nee ener ereiete Cree nate ie ste 1892 HAMLIN, GEORGE L..; Bethel) (Conn -).1c6. eee eee teeta 1893 Hancock, Dr. JosepH Lane, Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.......... 1894 Hareirt, Prof. CHArLes W., 904 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y...1892 HARDY, MANLY, Brewer, Mainesace s2..5 peCReeneeE ete rele reriaieeee 1883 MDARRIS,) WiILElram: C:;, Utica; SNe Ye ce cmiaceeteseteiestts ee cie iar +++. 1894 HARTZELL, Prof. Josepu Cutver, Orangeburg, S.C. .............-. 1892

Hassrouck, Dr. Epwin M., 2510 14th St., N. W., Washington, D.C. .1887

Assoctate Members. xix

HATCH, JESse MAURICE, Escondido,’ Cala-.<-<... 2.2... .222. 05255 1894 PLAVEMEVERG: HO ite, Mialiwiae Ni. Jassie ste eee ce ie conse wenn sis 1893 [RU Wanininyn Ris (Giz Teeveteu DIY AIRS ILE OigAG aun re OC ORCA CEE aoe ae aCreias 1885 HeapnHy, Dr. LAwrRENCE F., 104 E. 26th St., New York